Why Should You Do A Corporate Photoshoot?

Getting a Brisbane corporate photographer to take some shots of you and your employees is well worth the effort for multiple reasons. Many companies feel as though a corporate photoshoot is too much trouble, so they never arrange one. 

Perhaps there is never a convenient time to get everyone together, or you simply don’t view the trouble as worthwhile. Whatever the case, if you don’t make the effort to plan and pull off a corporate photoshoot, you won’t have nice photos when you need them.

One of the greatest follies many people make in this age of cellphone cameras is thinking that they can simply use their phones to take a few snaps if they need to. However, it’s easy to see when a company has done this because it looks cheap and unprofessional, which reflects poorly on your brand. 

Here are several great reasons you should book your corporate photoshoot without delay.


When employees see themselves reflected and represented in photographs featured in company marketing materials such as brochures, posters, profiles and websites ‒ rather than generic models who don’t actually work there ‒ they are likely to feel valued and integral to the business. Everybody likes to see themselves in a professionally executed photograph where they look their best.


Some marketing efforts are planned well in advance, such as paid advertising campaigns. Having professional corporate photographs taken to support these campaigns is essential. However, other marketing opportunities can arise somewhat ad hoc, such as a trade journalist, for example, who approaches you out of nowhere about writing an article on your products and wants pics to accompany the piece. If you don’t have fresh pics on file, you could lose out on an opportunity for such publicity.


Brand image is critical. The way you present yourself to the world through the photos you show in your marketing materials can make a big difference in terms of the way people perceive your company. Stock photographs are misleading and people can tell that it’s not real, whereas unprofessional photographs of the actual business can damage your credibility. A professional corporate photoshoot can make your business seem more legitimate, credible and build a sense of trust with your target market.

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