What You Need To Know When Looking For A Destination Wedding Photographer

There’s already a lot to keep track of when planning a local wedding on the Gold Coast. However, what about a destination wedding? For some, their dream is to get married on their favourite beach, or in a foreign city. Is it best to choose your destination wedding photographer in Gold Coast or instead take a local photographer with you? When it comes to finding a wedding photographer for a destination wedding, here’s what you need to know.

A destination wedding can be a dream, but how do you find the right destination wedding photographer.

Is there a photographer included in the destination package?

Many popular destination wedding locations and resorts offer all-inclusive packages. The easiest way to plan a destination wedding is to go the all-inclusive route and thus can be very tempting. You’ll have access to caterers, planners, photographers and more. Finding separate vendors for a local wedding where you live is challenging enough; if you’re doing it in a foreign country, you could set yourself up for a nightmare of stresses and crossed lines of communication.

All-inclusive weddings mean that you pay a set price for a package deal. If you go this route, make sure that you like the work that their resort photographer has produced in the past and check out a full wedding they have shot (not just their best portfolio images). Alternatively, the resorts may not tell you, but you usually have the option to instead bring a photographer of your choice with you. This allows you to choose a photographer local to you and fly them over to capture your wedding. The benefits are you know who you are getting, have met and trust your photographer, and often local photographers will do a reasonable custom quote in exchange for the opportunity to shoot abroad (meaning it doesn’t cost all that much more). However, just be aware of any penalty fees you may incur if you bring in vendors from outside of their services.

You have the option to choose a photographer local to you and fly them over to capture your destination wedding.

Have Their Photographers And Videographers Worked Together?

These days, most couples are choosing to have the best of both worlds – a photographer and a videographer in Gold Coast. Before you decide to go with both vendors, enquire from your resort if they’ve worked together in the past. If they work together as a team, then you’re in luck. If not, you might want to forgo the one vendor altogether. You don’t want friction on your wedding day because they don’t work well together.

Does Your Photographer Speak Your Language?

When planning a local wedding on the Gold Coast, you want your photographer to speak your language in the sense that they understand what you like, and what you expect from them. However, when you’re planning a destination wedding, you might need this in the literal sense as well. If your photographer doesn’t speak your native tongue, make sure that you do enough research to communicate what you want, with translation resources available if you need them. You don’t want to be disappointed with your photos because of a language barrier. Fortunately, all-inclusive resorts often have translators available.

If you are getting married in a foreign language destination, make sure you can communicate with your photographer.

A destination wedding may be your dream, as opposed to getting married at home on the Gold Coast, but it can go off the rails very quickly if you aren’t careful. As a wedding photographer is arguably one of the most essential wedding vendors you’ll have on the team, make sure that you keep these three factors in mind so that you can plan accordingly. 

Organised correctly, a destination wedding can be amazing and your photos stunning

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