Wedding Photography & Videography Trends You Should Know About

Trends change all the time, and that includes the wedding videography profession. New trends are being used all the time, which your future clients see online when they’re looking for vendors for their wedding. If you want to keep up to date with what others in the wedding photography industry in Gold Coast are doing, you should look into using these trends in your work.

Same-Day Edits

Also known as SDE, same-day editing involves screening and editing the wedding footage on the same day that it was captured. Most wedding couples wish they could see their footage on the same day as their wedding, which is now possible thanks to this trend. Although editing film footage is complicated and time-consuming, same-day edits allow for the couple and wedding guests to see the footage at the banquet.

An SDE doesn’t have to be the entire event, but it should include highlights of the wedding day. Typically only a five-minute video, it can consist of the bride getting ready, the walk down the aisle, and the registration. Because the video is short – no longer than five minutes – makes same-day edits possible for the videographer to accomplish.

To get this right, you’ll need more than your camera. You’ll need a laptop, video editing software, and a few songs to choose from for the added effect of background music. For a videographer to pull this off well, you’ll need to be exceptional at what you do. It’s a team effort, requiring every person in your crew to do their part to sort the footage, put it together, edit and render it in time to show at the reception.

3D Effects

A highly popular videographer trend being done at the moment is using 3D effects in the footage because the finished product is incredibly impressive. Accomplishing a 3D effect is easier than it sounds; you can use video editing software to add a 3D effect, or you can shoot the entire video on a 3D camera, which provides a three-dimensional image.

If done correctly, the visuals you create will be striking, modern, and original. You can guarantee that your clients will be unique amongst their friends for having 3D effects on their wedding video.

Reportage Wedding Videography

Reportage wedding videography is a particular style of filming a wedding which has become more popular as 2019 continues. This style has more emphasis on natural, live emotions and reactions being captured, and has fewer shots that look staged. This kind of videography is more realistic and in the moment, which gives it you a feeling of watching a documentary or a live-stream.

The way you accomplish this is to capture as much of the most critical aspects of the wedding, such as walking down the aisle, the vows, and the speeches. When you use this style, it’s advantageous for both the bridal couple and the videographer. During post-production, you’ll have tons of footage to use while you’re editing, and the wedding couple will have more footage captured for their viewing pleasure.

Wedding Trailers And Teasers

We get teasers and trailers for movies, TV shows, and upcoming events, so why not for your wedding? This style of videography looks like a movie trailer. It’s an enticing and exciting, but short clip which shows what’s to come in the wedding video. Synced with a powerful backing track, it can be awe-inspiring, and something that the married couple would like to keep.

Remember, this isn’t meant to be the finished product that the couple receives from you. It’s intended to draw attention, and get the viewer intrigued and excited to see the entire wedding film.

Funny Frames

Weddings are a fun, enjoyable experience. Often, while friends and family are reminiscing over the event, they’ll mention humorous things that they saw – from people on the dance floor to the guests falling over each other to catch the bouquet. A new trend which encompasses this type of reminiscence is using funny frames.

It looks like a blooper reel, where at the end of the wedding video, the videographer has compiled the funniest footage they took for the viewer’s enjoyment. The couple might be feeling emotional while they watch the video, but adding funny frames at the end of it would liven the mood and remind them of the enjoyable moments that happened at the event that they might have forgotten.


If you want to stand out amongst other wedding videography professionals in Gold Coast, keep on top of the ever-changing trends that move in and out of the industry. You’ll stay current, and be able to provide bridal couples with the latest trends of the year in their footage. If they receive a unique video, they’ll recommend you to their friends and family. You’ll also enjoy learning about different styles in an aspect of your life that you’re passionate about.

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