Top 5 Special Moments You Will Want Captured Through Wedding Videography

Videographers know the value of capturing important moments at a wedding. People love wedding photos and videos, whether they are from the wedding ceremony itself, the reception or even the engagement. This is why professional wedding videography is an essential part of the experience. Your collaboration with a wedding videographer will tell your unique love story. Here are the top 5 moments you will want to capture.


The moments leading up to your wedding make beautiful film sequences. These are the hours you will spend with the people you love most, and they will be packed with laughter, emotion and priceless memories.  


First looks are natural show stoppers. After months of preparation, these are the moments we have all been waiting for. Seeing the bride walking down the aisle for the first time and the reactions of the groom and close family members will be some of the most moving footage for the day. Your photographer and videographer will visit the venue where the ceremony will take place to get an idea of where the best angles, positioning and lighting will be. 


As soon as the ceremony is over, the newlyweds will be beaming with joy and happiness as they exit the ceremony hall, ready to greet the world officially as a married couple for the very first time. This can make for an iconic shot full of colour and confetti and the cheers and celebration from your guests. This is a perfect opportunity to share a kiss in front of the camera ‒ truly a moment worth capturing.

For this shot, alert your guests of your intention to capture this special moment to avoid any awkward crowd obstructions. Also, keep your wedding bouquet at waist level so that it doesn’t cover your faces.


The newlyweds’ arrival at the reception venue is a particularly special moment. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to make an entrance and share your first dance. During your first dance, you are likely to be so transfixed on each other, that you won’t see the reactions of your loved ones and the beautiful moments as they begin to slowly join you on the dance floor. 

The song you choose will play a big part in what makes this moment special. It will also set the tone for your celebrations. Dancing in front of people, let alone a camera, can be a bit intimidating at first. Consider taking a few dance lessons as a couple to boost confidence and to make a few more fun and special memories that will strengthen your bond as a couple.


Let’s face it; this is probably the moment everyone has really been waiting for. There is no doubt that the post-wedding party is one of the most enjoyable parts of the celebration. It is time to relax and have some fun now that all the stress and planning of the wedding ceremony is over. This is when friends and family come together to laugh, share stories, eat good food and drink wine. 

The night is sure to be full of anecdotes, fun speeches, epic dance moves and endless laughter ‒ moments you will want to last for a lifetime, especially if there might be one or two guests likely to not remember the night at all.

Hire the right DJ, or live band, for your wedding as they have the important job of setting the tone and ensuring you and your guests have the night of your lives. Your experienced videographer will connect with your DJ or band and collaborate in terms of setting the tone, lighting, equipment choice and placement. With so much activity in one place, you might even want to consider getting some drone shots as well.


New Black Studios offers wedding videography and photography services on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We have a wealth of experience and pride ourselves on our authenticity and creativity. There is so much thought, planning and emotion that goes into your special day; the last thing you want is for the moments to be lost forever. 

For reliable, professional and tailored wedding videography that will capture all of the laughter, tears and priceless moments, New Black studios will bring it all together in one complete package that lets you relive your special day forever. Get in touch today.

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