Tips For Looking Your Best In Wedding Day Photos

We can all think of at least one person we know who always looks fantastic in photos, but if you feel that probably does not describe you, do not worry. There is more to looking your best than just being one of those people who look good in photographs. 

It is so frequently recommended to invest wisely in your wedding photography because those precious images of one of the happiest days of your life will be valuable keepsakes for yourselves and future generations. And you will, of course, want to look your best. Finding the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast is simply the first step toward producing stunning photos on your wedding day. The gorgeous outfits, hair, make-up and smiling from your heart all play a part. 

Here are a few things you can do to help you look your best in your wedding photos. 


Genuine emotion makes for far more soulful photographs than fake smiles. During your photo session, make sure you do not focus on the photographer and posing ‘just right’. Instead, shift your focus towards the fun celebration, your family, the sunshine on your face and a future with the love of your life. 

The photographs will hold a much deeper sentimental value when you reflect on how good you felt and how beautiful that made you look. 


Looking great on your big day is one thing, but creating a look that translates well into wedding photography is an entirely different story. It is no secret that looking great and feeling great go hand in hand, and a professional glam squad is a sure-fire way of getting you feeling your best on your big day.

Spend some time investigating your options until you find a team of stylists with excellent customer feedback, who prioritise your comfort and are focused on making your vision come to life and have an eye for highlighting your best features. 


Life can get stressful in the run-up to a wedding: planning, preparation, travel arrangements, caterers and so on. Just as good emotion can be seen in wedding photos, so can stress. You don’t want your photos to hint that you have somehow just pulled off the most stressful event of the century. 

So it is a good idea to start doing more of what relaxes and grounds you a few days, if not weeks, before your wedding day. Spa days, dinners with friends, daily sun and exercise, reading by the window before bed or a cheeky shot of your favourite tipple all contribute to a stronger sense of body and mind for your big day.  


With all this in mind, the final advice is to team up with the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast. At New Black Studios, our crew is not only exceptionally experienced and competent but very professional and creative as well. So, if you pick us to photograph your wedding, rest assured you are in good hands! 

We believe your wedding day is a truly sentimental experience and a day you will cherish for a lifetime. You will have put a lot of thought and effort into your wedding day. Therefore, it is important that everything is captured tastefully, beautifully and as you had envisioned so that you can hold those memories for a lifetime.  

Your love is a one-of-a-kind adventure, and it deserves the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast who values this and offers the utmost professionalism. Get In touch today.

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