Tips For Corporate Headshots – How To Get The Most Out Of Your Shoot

According to a study on facial features published in the Cognition And Emotion Journal in 2012, a person decides whether someone is trustworthy within 100 milliseconds of seeing their face for the first time.

Whether for your LinkedIn profile, business cards or company website, you want your audience to form the best possible first impression. This is why in Brisbane, corporate headshots should be the next move for your business’s physical or online presence. 

Just because you have a professional headshot does not necessarily guarantee a good first impression. You need to ensure that:

  1. you have a professional and experienced photographer on your side, and

  2. you have thoroughly prepared yourself leading up to the day of your photoshoot to get the best out of your corporate portraits.


Plan Ahead: While organising your day a week ahead of time might seem challenging, making sure you do not have any schedule conflicts hours leading up to your session or even afterwards will ensure that you will be both focused and relaxed during your photoshoot. 

Communicate: Effective communication is essential in getting the best results from your corporate portraits. This involves communicating with your team, providing particulars on the date and location of the shoot and guidance on maintaining uniformity throughout the photographs. 


The Perfect Outfit: What you wear is critical to the success of your photoshoot.  Allow your clothing to express your individuality and personality as well as your professionalism, but avoid taking a risk by wearing something you are unsure of. Choose an outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in that matches the tone set by your brand’s identity. 

Generally, solid, soft and subdued colours photograph well. Stay away from logos (unless we are talking about corporate branding), strong designs, broad stripes and neon. Assure that all clothing is either new or freshly laundered and pressed. They should fit comfortably, with no straining at the chest or waist, for example, when hands are on hips. 

A Good Night’s Rest: It is important to feel well rested to maintain your energy level throughout the day. When you get enough sleep, you lower your chances of waking up with dark circles under your eyes, allowing you to look your best for professional headshots. It is also easier to concentrate and communicate with your team and photographer. 

Arriving well rested and ready to go, everyone involved will feel more upbeat and alert, ensuring the best possible results for the photoshoot. It is also essential to stay hydrated, ensuring you feel fresh and your skin looks radiant. 


On the day of the shoot, everyone should arrive with their hair styled and ready to be photographed. If you want to get a haircut, do it a few days before your appointment to be comfortable with your new hairstyle. Make sure you are appropriately groomed and that your make-up is on point. Unless you usually have a beard, shave the morning before your photoshoot. Most importantly, remember to relax, keep your end goals in sight and think of the long term benefits and desired outcome of your photoshoot. 

Looking for corporate photographers in Brisbane? Corporate headshots and profile images that are up to date are imperative for any business and brand image. Corporate portraits appear in various settings, including annual reports, media publications, website profiles, social media avatars and promotional materials.  

New Black Studios provides individual and team portrait images. Our goal is to complete the photos quickly and with little business disturbance, using a portable studio backdrop or capturing you in your natural workplace environment. Get in touch today.

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