Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer For Your Dream Day

While there are loads of talented photographers on the Gold Coast, not all of them would be best suited for the esteemed position of photographer for your wedding. When it comes to your wedding pictures, you really want the entire feeling of your special day to be captured, so it is important that you make the right choice.

Feeling stressed? Don’t be! Just read our tips, considerations and advice regarding choosing the best wedding photographer for your dream day.


The number one step in deciding whether a photographer is the right fit for you is to have an in-depth look at their portfolio. Look beyond the posed pictures and look at their candid shots, food pictures and venue pictures too. This will give you a clear indication if they are capable of what you are looking for.


We all wish that budget was not an issue, but for most people, it is! One easy way to narrow down your search for photographers is to ensure that you are only considering photographers within your budget.


Wedding photography is different from any other photography form, and experience is key. You definitely don’t want to hire a photographer who has only done one or two weddings or no weddings at all. You want to hire someone familiar with the wedding procedure and who feels comfortable in this specific environment.


When you set up a meeting with a potential photographer, remember to ask all of the important questions (as well as some of the more obscure ones). For example, find out how long the editing process takes and how long after the wedding you can expect the photos. Also, ask about how the process would work on the day of your wedding to ensure everything gels with you.

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