Tell Your Perfect Love Story With Wedding Videography

Wedding videography tells a story.  

It is more than simply a reenactment of the wedding day. It catches mood, personality and viewpoint and connects them in a meaningful way. 

While any guest can simply take a video on their smartphone, a filmmaker can capture your priceless moments and stitch them together to convey the tale of your day and that of your soulmate. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a motion picture is worth. Below we examine the importance of wedding videography in telling the story of your special day. 


Memorable moments between the groomsmen and bridesmaids are an essential part of the wedding film. All of the anticipation and excitement on the morning of the big day can be expertly and tastefully portrayed in your wedding video. 


The wedding videographer will catch all of the important moments as well as the ones that happen quietly on the sidelines. 

Because you will be focused on your wedding day, you may not notice some unique moments. Videographers will capture the smallest details, like your fianc√©’s reaction when they see you for the first time, your parents exchanging proud smiles and your grandmother wiping a tear from her eye as she hears your vows exchanged.  

They will even record the moments that happen before you get there and all the fun festivities of the reception. From the touching toasts to the surprising first dance mashup-mix, and your guests busting their best moves on the dance floor, your celebration will leave an impression that will be captured forever.  

Relive the joyous occasion over and over when you watch your wedding films. Wedding filmmakers guarantee that nothing gets missed or overlooked. 


Wedding videos will tell your story in a way that captivates and stirs emotion for years to come. 

Every year, on the day of their wedding anniversary, many couples make it a tradition to rewatch their wedding video. It takes you back in time and reignites the joy and celebration of the union of two lives becoming one. It is a keepsake that you will probably want to show your children and even grandchildren one day. 


At New Black Studios, we are in the business of creating lifetime memories. Packages are designed to suit your budget and preserve the special and unique fairytale moments you wish to relive forever. 

Our wedding video packages are affordable, and our expert wedding videographers will blend seamlessly into your day, remaining discreet, polite and respectful at all times. We aim to create and tell your wedding day story creatively, carefully tailored and timelessly. Contact us today.

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