Six Common Types Of Commercial Photography Shoots

One of the most popular buzz phrases nowadays is commercial photography in Brisbane. However, it is not all about a large team creating captivating images in a studio for big ad campaigns.

In its simplest form, commercial photography in Brisbane is the taking of high-quality photographs for commercial use, and it includes an extensive range of photography niches. By ‘commercial’, it means for business, sales and money.

Commercial photography in Brisbane is usually associated with website photography, social media content, advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements, and merchandising. It is also used in business cards, corporate brochures, leaflets, menus, advertorials and press photos. So, we have broken down the common types of commercial photography in Brisbane;

1) Fashion Photography

When you utter commercial photography in Brisbane, people will immediately think of this type of photography. It can be done either in the studio or outdoors, with paid models modelling a product or experience that will be sold. Each shoot, for fashion photographers, is unique.

2) Product Photography

Product photography is another broad category, and just like fashion photography, it can also either be done in a studio or outdoors. In most cases photographers prefer shooting in a studio to ensure they have a solid backdrop for use online.

3) Food Photography

The mention of this category can bring up images of people taking photos of their food and pasting them on Instagram. However, it is an excellent niche of photography. Food photography is a product shoot, but the photographer works with a food stylist to get the food looking its best for the camera.

Additionally, this type of photography involves editorial restaurants shots. The photographer will be quick to set up their equipment in a restaurant during a set time frame. At the same time, they will create lighting to make the food look enticing yet natural.

4) Environmental Portraits

Environmental portrait photography means taking photographs of people in their work environment. For example, a photographer may go to a plant nursery and take pictures of employees attending to the plants. The photographer intends to show how the nursery maintains a high level of care for their products.

5) Headshots

Headshots are the most common type of commercial photography in Brisbane. They are taken to promote an individual or their products or services. Typically, headshots are quick and fun, but they require a connection between the photographer and their subject.

6) Commercial Architectural Photography

This commercial photography category involves taking pictures of space for commercial purposes. It is used to showcase the architect’s design or the appeal of a retail store. Similar to food photography, the photographer often works with tight deadlines, and they are shooting around the flow of customers. Including a few people in the shot helps to give the photo life and context.

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