Professional Headshots (Profile Images) and why you need one.

Everybody needs a professional headshot!

Firstly, can we start by calling them something else? Headshots just sounds… I don’t know… scary!!!

How about just Professional Profile Images, PPI’s… Yeah, that’ll do for now!

So, why do you NEED a PPI?

Well the quickest and simplest reason is to look professional, no, actually not just to look professional but also to look approachable! To create a first impression that builds trust.

Potential clients want to feel good about coming to meet you. They want to already have a sense of who you are before that initial contact. An awesome PPI helps with that!

Obviously everyone has a camera in their phone these days and I’ll be honest, the phone cameras are pretty bloody good!, I love using my phone’s camera (have you seen the new Samsung S20Ultra!!!!) but there still is a VERY big difference between getting a professional photographer to take your headshots, I mean PPI, and grabbing quick photo taken with your phone.

Not only are you going to get a much better image but the entire process and experience of getting that image will be much more enjoyable. I’m not going to lie, 90% of clients that we photograph DON’T want their photo taken… or at least don’t enjoy their photo being taken. I blame the parents, parents just make getting a photo taken so painful when you are a kid!

Anyway… I can also say though that 100% of our clients walk away saying that the experience was awesome and that they love the images taken of themselves, that’s a great percentage ;) !

So is just the client experience that you are paying for?


There is also MY experience. I know how to get the best out of people. You’re not just going to stand there, smile (or not) whilst I press a button… no, we are going to chat, you’re going to feel comfortable with me and then the images are going to just happen….

It’s also important to note that taking your PPI’s with different compositions is VERY IMPOTRANT…. having some taken with lot’s of negative space allows your marketing team to add titles or information if they need to.

Then there is my equipment. Which, contra to popular belief, DOES make a difference. If equipment didn’t matter than why am I rocking up with over $25k of cameras, lenses, lights etc… Because it all makes a difference when you know how to use it!

Yes, we use professional lighting equipment. When mixed with amazing natural light THIS is what makes the difference.

So when was the last time you either updated your PPI or you had your first PPI?

Let’s make it happen!

The New Black Studio Team.

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