Professional Branding Sessions… what the hell are they?

Client “Hey Andrew, I need some new headshots”
Andrew – “Sounds awesome but I reckon we should do a branding session instead”
Client – “Hey hey, hold your horses there boy… what’s a branding session?”
Andrew – “Well, I’m glad you asked 😉 “

Yeah, everyone knows what Professional Headshots (or PPI’s (Professional Profile Images) as you know I like to call them if you have read our previous blogs!) are but lets up the ante and go for a full-blown branding session instead, shall we?

Whilst the purpose of getting a PPI (headshot) is to get one or two great images of you looking professional (usually used in your LinkedIn profile pic) the purpose of a Professional Branding Session is to get 10 – 15 AMAZING images of you.

We can shoot in different locations with outfit changes. We really bring out your personality and showcase “who” you are!

Images that can be used all over the place. Websites, Facebook, Instagram, business cards (if you still use them!) and even on LinkedIn!!!

The purpose of a Branding Session is to tell your clients WHO you are and reflects your BRAND… not just that you invested in some professional images of yourself.

We meet.
We chat.
We throw some ideas out there.
We shoot.
I edit.
I deliver.
You post the images everywhere!

So there you go. That’s what a Professional Branding Session is all about!

Are you ready for one?


Below is a collection of images from the elusive Abby from Carter Consulting.

Abby’s moto is “If I do my job right, you won’t notice I’m there” – hence why the shoot reflects her moto!

Very cool!

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