My Cousin Has A Decent Camera – Why Can’t He Do My Wedding Photography?

If you are getting married on the Gold Coast, a wedding photographer is one of the first things you should be booking and one of the last things you should be skimping on.

When it comes to your special day, a good wedding photographer is one of those wedding essentials that is worth spending a little extra on. The day goes by so quickly that you may not have time to relish all the memories which are being made. The only way to truly immortalise those fleeting, precious memories is through artfully captured photography and maybe a video.

The thing is, there are so many misconceptions about wedding photography and the ardent purveyors of the craft that prevent people from investing in it sufficiently. Read more about why you should hire a professional photographer for your “I Do” Day.


Unless your cousin is a professional wedding photographer, then having him shoot your wedding because he will do it for free is not recommended. Everyone has someone they know who has some photography gear or maybe takes photos of birds as a hobby. They say they will shoot your wedding for you as a favour. Although they may be a lovely person it  does not mean they know how to capture faces, emotions or magical moments the way a professional can.

Wedding photography is different from most other kinds of photography in that the models are not professionals, nor are they focused on the photoshoot. They just want to enjoy their wedding day and have their precious moments captured without having to think about it.

Wedding photographers have the unique challenge of dealing with large crowds of unprofessional models – be it the couple themselves or their guests – who are often uncomfortable being in front of the camera. This means the photographer has to be charming and put people at ease to get the best out of them for the camera. 


Every wedding is different, with vastly differing lighting conditions, colour schemes, skin tones and so on. A professional and experienced wedding photographer will know exactly how to capture these aspects tastefully and will know how to highlight their appeal artfully and creatively, making sure that every detail is captured.

An expert wedding photographer also needs to know how to work extremely fast and think on their feet. This means they need to know their equipment and the science of lighting, lensing and framing inside out – like instinct.

As you may have noticed, weddings often don’t go according to plan. It rains when it’s not supposed to, the wind blows harder than expected, or the bride’s 6-year-old nephew Timmy decides he doesn’t want to be ring bearer anymore and sits down to play in front of the altar during the ceremony.

A professional wedding photographer will not only know how to capture these moments and turn these upsets into cherished memories you will later laugh and reminisce about, but the professional will do it with such grace and ease that you won’t even notice.

If you need a professional Gold Coast wedding photographer, contact New Black Studios and make your booking with us. Our expert team will make sure you have nothing to worry about on the day except saying, “I do”!

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