How to get the best wedding photos?


1.Pre-Wedding: Choose a good wedding photographer!

This might seem obvious, but when we say “good” photographer, it doesn’t just mean someone who can take “good” photographs.

The most critical decision to ensure you get wedding photos you love, is to choose the best wedding photography team for you. The key points to consider are:


We’ve witnessed highly acclaimed and talented photographers crumble in a wedding environment. To be a good wedding photographer takes extra skills like people management, being calm under pressure, multi-tasking and problem solving skills. There is very limited control during a wedding and it can be very challenging for a photographer. The photographers who are very experienced in weddings have often seen and dealt with most things, and that experience is your sign that they know what they are doing. The New Black Studios team are very experienced and have shot over 500 weddings.

Don’t risk photographs of your most important day to just anyone.


If you love the style of photos you are seeing on a photographer’s social media, website and portfolio, then you are more than likely going to love your own wedding photographs they take. There are several different styles of wedding photography from very documentary and natural, to very posed and traditional. Photographer’s editing style also can impact the overall look of your financial images.

Some photographers edit with very high contrast and saturated colours, and other more film like with a muted palette look. Deciding if you prefer bold and bright or more dark and moody style, can help you choose your ideal wedding photographer.

At New Black Studios, all our wedding photographers have a very natural and candid style, however we also appreciate the importance of balancing the mix of modern, yet timeless imagery we deliver our couples. Even a few traditional portraits and especially the classic important images of family and friends is a must in our books.


Choose a wedding photography studio that you trust! Do you feel comfortable and confident in your photographer? The key to great wedding photography is the connection you have with your best wedding photographer. If you don’t trust and like them…you won’t relax….and you won’t get the best wedding photos possible.

New Black Studios pride ourselves on customer service and communication throughout the whole wedding process. We ensure each couple is treated not just like another wedding client, and their individual needs and vision for their wedding is understood to make sure their day is captured perfectly for them. We ensure our couples are totally confident in their decision to choose New Black Studios to be their wedding photographers.


Now that you’ve chosen a great “wedding” photographer, to get the best wedding photos on your actual wedding day, the key things to remember are:


Planning is fantastic… but… weddings don’t always go to plan. In fact, they actually very rarely do! So when it comes to photography, be flexible. As much as you have dreamed about an image under “that tree”, if the conditions aren’t right, the light is all wrong or for whatever reason… it’s not worth forcing the location. If your photographer sees better light on the day and suggests a different location, roll with it.

Hot tip –  If your photographer is getting excited, it means they have seen some amazing light… let them shoot in it, they know what they are doing :)


Honesty is great for photos. Don’t try to be someone else just because you have seen images that you love on a blog. They are someone else’s wedding images, find your own wedding images… being yourselves and finding a photographer that can bring out your personalities will make your wedding images unique. It will make your wedding images yours.

Listen to your photographer for direction but then relax and try and forget the camera is there. During your wedding photos is not the time to get all self-conscious and make silly faces etc because you feel embarrassed. Be in the moment, think about each other, think about the day and what it means to you rather than the fact you are in front of a camera.  A great wedding photographer should be able to make you relaxed in front of the camera, this is a big part of what we do!


Ok, this is a big one and maybe a little controversial. Ask photographers what the hardest part of the day is and if they answer honestly, they will usually reply with “the bridal party”. Don’t get me wrong, your sisters, brothers and closest friends are great and are an important part of your day… they just need to know that these images are yours, not there’s. You don’t need to recreate an image just because your maid of honour had one similar at her wedding earlier in the year, let that be her image. And while we all enjoy some comedic relief, your best man doesn’t need to be the star of the show and end up just being a distraction and wasting your precious time for photos.

Large bridal parties can take longer to coordinate and can eat up your bridal photography time.

Talk to your Bridal Party about the style of photos you want. Tell them what your photographers style is. If you have hired a more natural style  photographer that takes more photojournalistic (no posing) images than your bridal party need to know this so they are not always thinking what they are meant to be doing. They are just meat to be enjoying the day and being themselves.

We suggest doing bridal party photos first and then let them go back to reception to join guests for canapés and drinks!

Time on a wedding day can also be eaten up very quickly when trying to get 6,8,10+ people to move for photos. One great option to help with this is to do all the bridal party photos straight away at the start of the Bridal Session and then let them go relax. Let them drink with the guests (they definitely won’t complain) and you two go off with your photographer, just the three of you.


One thing that a lot of couples don’t allow for is some time alone on the wedding. We always suggest to our couples that, if possible, we allow at least 30mins where it is just them (and us of course to capture them). So there are no distractions…..just you and your partner with each other on your wedding day. This is such a special time of the day for our couples!

Take time during your wedding photo time, for just you two.

Once the bridal party leaves, is when you will likely get more natural and intimate wedding photos

If you are a couple looking for your wedding photographer, contact us now to check our availability and for more info on our wedding photography packages.

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