How Do I Know If I’m Getting The Best Price For A Wedding Photographer On The Gold Coast?

Beautiful weddings are captured in beautiful imagery. Imagine if all those months of planning and all those gorgeous moments were lost forever, dissipating into a fading memory. Wedding pictures are invaluable in helping you to remember one of the most special days of your life, so it is something you want to invest in. At the same time, with so many choices available, you want to know that you are getting the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast and at the best price. But there is more to it than finding the cheapest option. Let’s take a closer look.


There are two reasons you will never see the bride and groom take selfies at their wedding:

  1. They are wrapped up in the day’s events.

  2. It is an occasion that calls for a professional.

Wedding photography is a highly specialised skill that is so much more than just standing behind a camera. An experienced wedding photographer approaches your photos with an artistic eye, applying symmetry, favourable lighting and the best angles in each shot. 


When searching for the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast at the best price, it is important to remember that photography equipment is extremely expensive. Often wedding photography packages include somewhere in them your photographer’s level of experience and the cost of using high standard equipment. Enquire about the model of camera, range of lenses and backup equipment used and the kind of quality you can expect from the final product in order to know if the price you end up paying is well worth it. 


How do you put a price on professionalism? There is no easy way to do this, but consider how much you are prepared to pay for the best wedding photography on the Gold Coast. Very cheap packages may be enticing, but will they give you the quality you deserve? There are no do-overs for your wedding, so don’t risk wedding photography regret.

A truly valued wedding photography service will be one that is professional, on time, reliable and places customer satisfaction as the highest priority. A really good wedding photographer will come highly recommended for their courtesy and going above and beyond with little details that complete your customer experience and make it one to remember.

For the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast at prices that are definitely manageable, get in touch with us at New Black Studios. We have the experience, expertise and personality ‒ in other words, the whole package ‒ to make your wedding day extra special.

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