How A Photographer Can Create A Working Relationship With A Wedding Videographer

As a photographer, it’s understandable to feel threatened by a videographer. If you’re both providing wedding video & photography packages in Gold Coast & Brisbane, it can seem like the one is stepping on the other’s turf. If you don’t have a videographer as a business partner, and a videographer you’re unfamiliar with has been hired for the same wedding, here’s how you can create a successful working relationship with each other.

Be Friendly

It doesn’t cost anything to be the bigger person. It’s simple to start a good working relationship on the right foot by smiling, shaking hands and introducing yourself. You can also prevent butting heads by sending them a link to your website so that they can see how you work, and that your talent is needed for the wedding.

Educate The Happy Couple

When the bride and groom hire you, they aren’t thinking about how the two vendors will work together; they’re most likely thinking more about the finished product. Try to educate the bride and groom that the videographer they choose will have to work in a similar style to you. That means that they shouldn’t encroach on photographs, and try not to become a distraction.

Have Some Videographers To Recommend

If you want to avoid working with an expert of wedding videography in Brisbane that garner an uncomfortable professional relationship at the wedding, look out for those whom you enjoyed working with previously. The chances are that the bride and groom noticed that they hired a dream team, so keep their contact details, and give them as recommendations for jobs in the future. These videographers will be happy for the work, and return the favour, therefore, leading to a fruitful working relationship.

Accommodate Them In High-Stress Moments

There are some moments during a wedding where a videographer can capture more than a photographer can. The words, emotions and reactions from the vows or the speeches don’t photograph as well as they can be recorded. Make an effort to accommodate the videographer during these moments without being in the shot, so that the bride and groom are satisfied with everything that their vendors produce.

These moments are the top priority for the videographer, and if you’re intent on satisfying the client, you will accommodate your partner in any way that you can. You can continue snapping pictures; however, make sure that you don’t get in front of the video camera, and allow them to find their best angles first before you continue shooting. Just like portrait shots are a primary concern for you, some elements of the wedding are better captured in a video. They’ll thank you for it, and it’ll create a more comfortable working environment.

Work With Confidence

If you’re hesitant about working with a videographer you’re unfamiliar with; they might feel the same way. Another way to win them over is to show why it’s so great to work with you. People appreciate talent and confidence, so show them that working with you is worth the effort by presenting your ability with confidence. If you prove to them that you’re there because you’re good at what you do, your working relationship will be more collaborative.

Manage Your Frustrations

When you’re working with a problematic colleague, it’s challenging to keep your cool. For many photographers, it can be difficult to work with someone unfriendly. Your first instinct might be to mention to the bride and groom that the videographer is being unaccommodating; however, put yourself in their shoes. If you were the client, you wouldn’t want this information because it would stay on your mind, and you’d start looking out for these tensions. Moreover, the last thing you want is to find tons of pictures of the bride focused on the videographer with a frown on her face.

You can’t help the fact that they hired an unprofessional vendor. The best thing you can do in this situation is to ignore the undercurrent and focus on doing your job to the best of your ability.

Many photographers work alone around Brisbane and Gold Coast for a reason; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be demanding to work with at a wedding. It’s important to remember that creating a comfortable and rewarding working relationship with your colleagues is necessary because your client should come first when they’re paying for videography and photography packages. It’ll also make it easier for you to do your job, and be professional while you’re doing it.

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