How A Corporate Photographer Will Make Your Headshots Look Professional

If you are looking to have some headshots taken for your company in Brisbane, a corporate photographer will help make sure your team looks as professional and attractive as possible, all while maintaining a look and feel that aligns with your unique brand and corporate image.

Too often, companies skimp on taking professional headshots of their employees and then regret it later when a photograph is needed and a sloppy-looking image of their sales manager in a t-shirt at a beach party is pulled from Facebook and used to represent the brand.

Alternatively, sometimes companies think a quick snap with a cell phone camera in a poorly lit boardroom will do the trick. Often it is out of focus or has low resolution.

These kinds of slapdash solutions only serve to tarnish the company’s image. If you are going to have Brisbane corporate headshots – and believe us you will need them at some point – then it is worthwhile getting a professional to do it properly.

Here is what a professional corporate photographer will know to do when shooting headshots for your employees.


When it comes to photography, lighting is key. The best photograph editing happens before the shutter even goes off. The way a photograph is lit can change everything about the photograph, from the mood to how attractive a person appears. Bad lighting can highlight unsightly blemishes or wrinkles, or it can alter the tone of someone’s skin to make them seem sickly.

A professional photographer will bring lighting equipment along to the shoot to make sure that the light is blocked or enhanced just the right amount and at just the right angles.


A stiff subject makes for an awkward photograph. Most often when people claim they are not photogenic, it is simply because no one has taught them how to be at ease in front of the camera. They freeze up, pull unusual faces and forget how to be normal. Fix this with a professional photographer who can quickly train an uncomfortable subject to be more at ease. It takes only a minute, but the result is a casual and breezy photograph that communicates confidence.


A professional corporate photographer will make sure to note details like whether the background of the room is ideal in terms of colours, patterns and lighting. The photographer will also pay attention to details in every snap taken to ensure that the best version of the subject is captured. The professional will notice when even the slightest thing is off. Detailed editing of photographs after they are chosen is also a critical component in eliminating stray hairs, pimples or stained teeth that might embarrass someone. The professional will make sure that everyone’s dignity is upheld.

If you are searching for an expert Brisbane corporate photographer to capture your team’s best side, then contact New Black Studios and find out what we can do for your brand today!

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