Lovely Megan, aka Megs, is our gorgeous and bubbly little Canadian gal.

An amazing photographer, she also has the knack of making everyone smile and your whole wedding will adore her by the end of the day. Her style is really natural and relaxed and she is an expert at getting couples to relax in front of the camera. If you are a couple who are feeling a little anxious about being photographed, Megs would probably be the perfect photographer for you.

When Megan isn’t shooting, she is off being a talented drawer (she’s a published children’s books illustrator!), keeping fit, and making people laugh with her sarcastic humour.

You can check out a selection of her amazing images captured below or click on the video link to view our little interview clip of Megan.

If you want to specifically request Megan as your assigned photographer we can definitely see if she is available for your date.

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Megan’s Photography Highlight Gallery