Four Wedding Videography Mistakes Couples Should Avoid

There are some moments from your wedding day that you’ll want to remember, such as the first dance, the vows and the bride walking down the aisle. However, images don’t always do the day justice. When you’re looking for wedding video packages on the Gold Coast, try to avoid these mistakes that other couples have made.

Not Doing Enough Research

Don’t make the mistake of not doing enough research. You should know the style of videography that you like the most, videographers with talent that you admire, and a budget in mind. 

If the only thing you know is that you want your wedding filmed, then you might choose the first videographer you find in a Google search. Alternatively, if you have only researched their prices and set a budget, you might select the first vendor in your price range that you find. Both of these scenarios could end in the wrong person filming your wedding.

Research what kind of film style you like, and find a videographer who specialises in it. Take a look at their previous work to get a better idea on if you can envision your wedding captured in the same way. Remember, this person is going to be around you for the majority of your wedding day, so they need to be a good fit. Many videographers offer an obligation-free opportunity to meet them face-to-face, which allows you to see if you’ll be able to work together comfortably.

Chose a wedding videographer that matches the style you like.

Thinking You Don’t Need A Videographer

Many couples assume that a photographer is good enough to capture the most critical moments in the day. In a sense, that’s true. However, there are so many aspects of the wedding that can’t be truly captured with photos. Wedding photography can capture so much……..but it is really only video that can capture realistic memories of your day that can be relived by simply pressing play. Video can capture memories like your voice quavering during your vows, hear the laughter from your guests during canapes, record your speeches to listen to again and again (and again!), capture what the live band sounded like, and show the fun & energy of the dancing.

You might think it’s extravagant or an unnecessary addition to an already expensive wedding. However, most couples who passed on a videographer have regretted it later. Look for a vendor with wedding video packages that fit your budget. Your wedding will go by in a whirlwind, so make sure that you capture the memories accurately.

Getting A Friend With A Good Camera Phone To Film It

You might be thinking of cutting costs by asking a friend to film your wedding on their smartphone. Quite frankly, everything about that idea is wrong. Sure, you’ll be saving money, but it will be at the expense of having a good quality wedding video to show for it.

Professional wedding videographers know when to capture some aspects of the day, and can move around discreetly as they film. A professional will be able to stay out of the way so that they don’t block the view of the couple, their guests or the photographer.

If you ask a friend to do this for you, you’re entrusting the potential memories of your wedding into their hands. They might have a decent camera on their phone, but it won’t be as good as the equipment used by professional videographers. The visual and audio quality will be poor, and your friend won’t be able to enjoy your wedding as a guest.

A wedding video tells a story of your love and commitment. It’s more than just capturing the day visually. A professional will do it better, so don’t make this mistake!

A professional & experienced wedding videographer knows how to stay out of the way and anticipate moments

Booking Too Late

For some reason, the videographer can be forgotten until the last minute. A common mistake that many couples have made in the past is booking the videographer too late.

What happens if you book too late? The videographer of your choice might be booked on that weekend already, and you’ll have to scramble to find someone else. Some videographers even charge extra for late bookings, because many limit the number of weddings they film per month. The reason for this is so that they have enough time to edit and finalise the film in the post-production stage.

If you book late, they’ll be rushed, exhausted and feeling unprepared. Therefore, not only are you compromising on quality but may also have to pay more.


Your dream wedding only happens once, so make sure that you plan it properly. The videographer you choose will determine whether you get a good film at the end of the day or not, so make sure to avoid these common mistakes. Do adequate research, and find the wedding video packages in Gold Coast that fit your budget and your style. You won’t regret it!

Don’t be one of those couples that regret not getting their wedding videoed!

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