Drones, what are they good for?

Ah drones.… you either love them or you think they are spying on you (which I can guarantee they are not! Haha)

Drone Images and footage used for internal projects for QLD Gov.

So, what can drones add for you and your business?

Well that all depends on what type of business you are in but in a very quick rundown here are 5 amazing uses for drones in business:

  • If you are selling real estate and you are doing video profiles of your properties an amazing drone pull back of the location of that beachside or canal side property has a very strong impact on a buyer.

  • Used wisely (read – not overused) drone footage can make a promo video 100% more interesting with some environment flyovers

  • If you are a developer, like the real estate example above, drone footage flying across the water showcasing your latest build looks amazing!

  • Do you have to do an internal presentation to the big wigs in your company about your latest construction? Yep, drone footage of that incredible high-rise will blow their socks off!

  • Maybe you are selling boats, fancy yachts? Well, you guessed it…. Footage from above of your luxury yacht will invoke feelings in your buyers you can only dream of.

Ok, so you get the point. Drones are just dam good fun to fly and they basically add that little bit extra to any video  or photo project you need done.

Set the drones free and let them fly ;)


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