Does it matter if your photographer has shot at your venue before?

How important is it that your photographer has shot at your venue before?

The simple answer is….not really important at all!

When a new wedding couple enquire with us we often get asked if we have shot at their wedding venue before. Let us break this common concern down for you all:


Although a great question to ask, we believe there are 2 main benefits to your photographer having experience shooting previous weddings at your venue.

1. They are familiar with the layout of venue & property. If a wedding photographer has shot at your venue before they will know their way around, which can be time saving, streamline process and give you peace of mind in their confidence in knowing the best “spots”.

2. They know the venue team and how they operate. Simple things like knowing the venue coordinator will bring drinks and canapes to bridal party on location shoot, or knowing where your bridal party needs to wait before entrance, or knowing the staff will clear tables before any speeches start, or that staff will dim lights before bridal dance etc. All these little things give peace of mind to the photographer (they will have less things to worry about) and your photographer will also be a point of reference for you & your wedding guests to refer to.


1. A good photographer can shoot in any location. If our team is ever shooting at a place for the first time and/or there is any concern about locations etc, we always do a scouting session to check it out and make a “plan”. But even then, everything often changes on the day, to accomodate light conditions/weather/lack of time/other obstacles etc. The best wedding photographers are the ones who can think quickly on the feet and adapt to any conditions.

A good photographer can shoot at any location.

A good photographer can adapt to any conditions

2. Light is more important than location. Photography is all about light. The word “photography” itself literally means “light-writing”. Experienced and talented photographers look for the light and know how to find and use the light no matter where they are shooting. Against common belief, the location or “backdrop” is not the most important factor. So no matter if a photographer has shot at a particular location before or not, the ability to see & use the light on that particular day is what is most important.

“Finding the light” is more important than location

3. Fresh eyes often means greater creativity! Shooting in a newer environment means your won’t just get stale, cookie-cutting poses and backdrops. If a photographer shoots regularly at your venue, you risk they will just go through the motions and you will get same photos that all their other couples get at that venue. Which might be safe….but often boring and impersonal.

Fresh eyes often means greater creativity!

4. Every photographer and photography studio has an established “style”. This should be able to be replicated whatever the location. We recommend browsing through your photographer’s real wedding galleries on their website (or even scroll social media), to get an idea of their general style and quality. Liking your photographers “style” is much more important than if they have shot at your venue before.

A photographer’s style and consistent quality is most important.

5. Connection with people is what makes the best photos. No matter how much experience a photographer has had shooting at your venue, or shooting weddings in general, if you don’t have a good connection with them, you are unlikely to get amazing photos. The best wedding photographer for you, is the one that not only has the style and experience you are after, but you get a long with them, have that rapport and most importantly “trust” in them!

A good connection with your photographer is what will get the best wedding photos.

So when you are questioning potential wedding photographers, instead of asking them if they have shot at your wedding venue before, a better question might be “how many weddings have you shot before (or each year)?” or “do you shoot at lots of different venue?” The answers to these questions will show you the experience level of the photographer, and their confidence & skill at adapting to various conditions. If they have the experience and confidence you are happy with, plus you can see from their portfolio that their style and quality is consistent, you can be rest assured they will be able to adapt and find the light at your wedding venue as well.

And I think the bigger question is….why are you concerned if your photographer has shot at your venue before? Are you just asking because some wedding blog has told you it’s a “must-ask” question when choosing your photographer? Or do you have genuine worries & trust in your photographer’s ability (in which case, they probably aren’t the wedding photographer for you anyway!)

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