Brisbane Business Headshot Tips To Look Your Best

One of the most overlooked expenses in the business world is professional business headshots in Brisbane. They should be one of the first things you do, along with polishing up your CV, branding and building your website.

Business headshots in Brisbane is an excellent way for you to make yourself look more professional in your career and the business world. If done right, hiring a headshot photographer who will take your headshots either in your workplace or in their studio will give you a competitive edge.

Taking business headshots in Brisbane is not the same as taking selfies. Many people get their headshots done without considering the essential details of the shoot. Not to worry, we have prepared a guide for how to prepare for your business headshots in Brisbane;

1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

You will need to think about what you are trying to convey to the people who will see your business photo. When it comes to business headshots in Brisbane, many people dress up for the shoot like they will do for a typical day at the office. It is typical for men to wear a suit or a nice shirt if they do not usually wear one at work.

It is advisable you iron your clothes, look for any stains and pet hair before you arrive for your business headshots shoot in Brisbane.

2. Have good hair and makeup

For good professional headshots, you want to look at the best version of yourself. For women that means starting with neat & stylish hair and makeup. If you are not confident with doing your own hair and makeup, go visit a stylist or expert you trust that will give you that perfect look. We recommend keeping your look more natural (so go easy on heavy dark makeup!). And on the day of your business headshots shoot in Brisbane, make sure you bring your hairbrush with you, some hairspray for wispy flyaway hairs and maybe some touchup makeup in case you need to reapply.

For men, make sure your hair is neat and tidy that is, with some gel or putty and a blow-dryer, so you achieve the look you want. And make sure you are clean-shaven or shape your beard /stubble with a razor if required.

3. Push Your Chin Up And Out

If you want to avoid the double-chin effect in your business headshots in Brisbane, push your chin slightly up and forward. Doing this will stretch your neck, making the skin under your jawline tighter and in the process eliminating the appearance of a double chin. Also, you can roll your shoulders back and stand up straight to improve your posture, thus making you appear more confident.

Your professional headshot photographer will give you tips during the shoot on how to take the most flattering headshot.

4. Tell Your Photographer How You Want To Convey Yourself

Professional business headshots photographers in Brisbane are experts in bringing out a specific look in people. Maybe you want to portray yourself as ‘fun and approachable’, ‘dedicated and serious about your success’, ‘goofy and unique’ or ‘ creative and deep-thinking’.

There are endless possibilities as to how you can portray yourself, but be sure to talk to your photographer about the specific demeanor that you have in mind. An expert headshot photographer will use their creativity to set the tone with different backgrounds and use different angles and lenses to portray your custom look.

Keep in mind that going into a shoot without knowing the type of look you want can result in great looking business headshots in Brisbane. However, the task is up to your photographer to conjure up different poses and looks you can try out.

If you are looking for your business headshots in Brisbane to be taken in a creatively professionally manner that extenuates you positively, New Black Studios is your only choice. Get in touch with us now!

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