A Guide On Getting Business Headshots

Expertly captured business headshots in Brisbane are necessary for businessmen and women. They portray your personality and make you look professional and approachable. You could have different reasons for getting a headshot; however, it isn’t always an enjoyable experience for everyone. If it’s your first time, here is a handy guide from real photographers, who can help you throughout the process.

Find The Right Photographer

It’s obvious that you will have to find a photographer. However, finding the right one can prove to be easier said than done. Do some research on potential photographers. There are millions of photographers around the world, but not all of them will be the best for you. They have different styles, which means that you should first pick a style of photography that you like.

They will also work in a way that might be different than you do. If you feel uncomfortable posing stiffly in a chair with a boring white backdrop, then you shouldn’t hire someone who shoots most of their images in that manner. If you prefer your headshots to be more natural, showcasing your workplace environment or be out in nature or working in coffee shops, then you should find a photographer who can shoot you more editorially and on the move. These type of headshot sessions are branding portraits, and not all traditional headshot photographers know how to successfully produce amazing branding portraits.

A typical corporate headshot

A Branding Portrait is more editorial in style

Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to spend time asking photographers questions. It’s similar to conducting an interview; however, it’s more about getting to know them, and if you can work together. If they make you feel relaxed, it’s a good sign. You want people to look at your headshots and see the real you – not a caged, stiff puppet.

Questions you can ask include their experience, their process and how much they charge. Some photographers can be booked for months, so it’s also essential to ask them when they’re available next. You might have found the perfect person, but you have a timeline as well.

Plan Your Photoshoot

Each photographer has their own process. They’ll guide you through their process so that you understand how it works and what’s expected of you. If you have any expectations for your photographs, you should provide a detailed list of everything you’re aiming for. Make sure that they know your style of choice or particular locations or props you’d prefer. Your photographer will have a clear idea of what you want if you’re more detailed, so don’t be afraid to get specific.


When the time comes for your photo shoot, it’s essential that you are comfortable, or all your research would’ve been for nothing. Be clean, professional and presentable. Get a haircut or your nails done – anything to help you feel and look your best. You should remember that getting professional headshots taken by a  Brisbane commercial photography expert is meant to help you grow your business. Your headshots in Brisbane will become part of your branding. Therefore, find a photographer who specialises in headshots, and try to enjoy yourself; you’ll be pleased with the results.

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