A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing Wedding Videography Services

Your wedding day is the most amazing and happiest day of your life, and you will cherish the memories forever. Ask any married couple; it goes by like a flash. Discussing, planning, and organising your special day feels like an eternity, and in the blink of an eye, it is a hazy distant memory.

Regardless of how sharp your memory is, you will not remember your wedding in its full glory. The excitement in the air, the interaction of your guests and most importantly, that magical life-changing moment you say ‘I do’.

Photographs are an essential wedding keepsake, but hiring wedding videography services on the Gold Coast and Brisbane allows to relive the emotional moment your mother helped you the dress or that breath-taking moment you walked down the aisle, and also hear the audio of your vows or your father’s tear-jerking speech.

Below is a list of useful tips you can use when choosing your Oscar-worthy wedding videographer on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

1. What Wedding Film Style Are You Looking For?

Deciding on which style of film you need for your wedding, before searching for a wedding videographer on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, will help you narrow down your search criteria.

Some wedding films are very creative and documentary, and others more cinematic and traditional in nature.

Some wedding videography service providers in Brisbane will offer a music montage of the footage they have gathered during the day. Snippets of the best audio bits from your ceremony and speeches can also be included in your highlight wedding film.

2. What Is Your Budget?

Many factors will determine your budget, and it will also depend on how much you value your wedding video. In such a scenario, the more money that you folk out, the better the results you will obtain.

Some wedding videography service providers on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. will have an extensive price-list for the different videography services and packages they offer. With that said, it will be advisable you check what you will be paying for, what is included in the package in terms of filming, number of videographers, number of hours of video coverage and the delivery of the final product.

3. Who Will Be Filming And Editing Your Wedding Footage?

It has become popular for wedding videography companies in Brisbane to outsource their filming and editing projects. Other couples could be comfortable with that arrangement. However, what this could mean is that the video on the videographer’s website may be of higher quality than the one you receive. So ensure the samples you see will be similar to what you can expect.

So to save yourself from disappointment, it is best to ask this question when looking for a wedding videographer on the Gold Coast.

4. What About A Contract?

One of the best ways to protect yourself and also protect your rights is having a signed contract between yourself and your wedding videographer on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The contract should have clear and transparent terms and conditions.

5. What About Insurance?

When selecting your wedding videographer on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, do not forget to ask what insurance policy they have in place for both public liability and indemnity. For many venues, this is essential as they often request for proof of an insurance policy on the day of the wedding.

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