8 Tips For A Successful Engagement Photo Shoot

Are you engaged? One of the most exciting ways to celebrate an engagement is to have a photoshoot. They’re tons of fun, provide some great pictures of you and your partner, and give you a sense of what to expect when you start looking at wedding photography packages available around Gold Coast. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that you have a successful engagement photoshoot.

Wear Something Comfortable

The most important thing about preparing for an engagement shoot is to wear clothes that you’re relaxed in. They don’t have to be drab, old or shabby, but they need to fit well and make you feel comfortable. If you wear clothing that’s too tight, short, or revealing, you’ll spend the entire shoot fixing your blouse, covering up, or straightening your skirt. It’s distracting, you’ll have trouble relaxing during the photoshoot, and it’ll show in the photos.

Same if you are conscious about a part of your body, wear clothing you feel flatters or covers these area. For example, if you are worried about how your arms look, don’t wear a sleeveless top. You’ll feel self-conscious, and again it’ll show in the photos.

Choose a few outfits that make you feel like a million dollars. If it’s new, wear it out somewhere beforehand to see how you feel in it, with a few days to spare to have it washed before the day of the photoshoot. You should also consider if your outfits will photograph well or not. Do you and your partner’s clothes complement each other? Do they have busy patterns, or distracting logos? You’ll keep these photos forever, so choose wisely.

For your Engagement Photography Session choose clothing you are comfortable in & feel good in.

Iron Your Clothes Ahead Of Time

Nothing looks worse than creased clothing. Your photographer will not be able to photoshop the wrinkles out, and you’re paying money for high-quality photography. If you want them to look as stunning as you possible, the first step is to look presentable. A smart move is also to pack your outfits carefully in a carrier bag and change when you’ve arrived at your photoshoot location because they can get creased just from the travel.

Get Your Hair And Makeup Done

The same rule goes for the rest of your appearance as it does for your clothing. If you want to feel confident with how you look, you should consider getting your hair and makeup done by professionals before the shoot.

If you’re confident in your hair and makeup skills, you can skip this step. However, it’s important to mention that if you do your own face, the coverage should be more saturated than your usual daily look. The reason for this is that photoshoots can make you look washed out and pale. Otherwise, getting your hair and makeup done is an excellent way to prepare for the shoot. You’ll enjoy feeling pampered, and you’ll be camera ready.

Set Aside The Whole Day

If you want to get into the right mindset to take your photos, you should set the whole day aside for the event. If you come straight from a hectic day at work, or from running errands, you’ll be tired or distracted, which will show in your pictures. The whole day should be about you and your partner. Spend the day together; have a boozy brunch or do your favourite things together before the shoot begins. You’ll be more relaxed, and in a better mood.

Make sure you are relaxed and fresh leading up to your pre-wedding photography shoot to get those relaxed & happy shots.

Choose The Right Setting

For an engagement shoot, choosing the right setting is essential. The location you pick doesn’t necessarily have to be the most aesthetically pleasing place you can find, even if it makes for great imagery. If you and your fiancé prefer hanging out at home doing hobbies, or visiting museums, then you should select a spot which means something to you. Parks, waterfalls and fields are beautiful; however, you want the setting to reflect who you are and where you’re most happy, doing what you love together. 

Use Best Daylight Hours

Photoshoots set at night might sound romantic, but the lighting is usually too bad to result in good photos. Natural light is best, and you have heard photographers talking about “golden light” which is the ideal beautiful soft light late afternoons. Which means that you should schedule your engagement shoot for during the day time, preferably including the “golden light” hour before sunset. 

Early morning is also brilliant for engagement photoshoots, because the sunlight is a golden hue, and the heat isn’t unbearable. You might even catch the sunrise and capture some romantic shots if you’re early enough.

Sunset is a perfect time for stunning engagement photos

Engagement photo shoots are so much fun for couples in love who are excited about the future. They make valuable memories and provide a superb opportunity to celebrate. They also offer a practice session for your wedding day. You can discuss wedding photography packages with your Gold Coast photographer, so use the opportunity get to know your photographer so that you’re more comfortable with them on your big day. Book an engagement shoot today; it’s well worth it.

You can even consider having your “fur-baby” join in your engagement photo shoot

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