5 Factors To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

When your wedding is done, and a few months have passed, the only thing that you will treasure from your big day are the photographs, and the memories that come with them. Photos are forever, especially now that we can keep digital backups. Finding a Byron Bay wedding photographer is not something you want to rush with or skimp on, here are ten factors to keep in mind when looking for a wedding photographer.

1.     Find A Style Of Photography That You Like

Photography is a form of art. Paintings are created with paint on canvas, yet they all look different. Portrait Photography is somewhat the same. Destination wedding photographer can have a certain style or “look”.  It’s a part of who they are, which means that they won’t be able to replicate another style of photography well if it doesn’t come naturally to them. The different styles of photography go from natural photojournalistic style, through to heavily posed traditional portraits. The artistic looks can also sway between dark & moody wedding photography to light and airy wedding style photography editing. 

Before you start looking for a photographer, it might help to decide if there is a certain style of photographs you like the most. Keep in mind that wedding photography is quite different from other photographic projects as well. Look on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and find your favourite photographs. When you have a collection, you might find that many of them look similar. Those images point to the style that you like. It’s easy – you’ll always gravitate to what you enjoy, and choosing a style of photography is no different. It’s important to remember that you can enjoy different styles and incorporate each during your wedding day, and the more experienced wedding photography studios will usually do this. You can do portrait-styled traditional photographs with family members, a combination of classic portraits with natural and unposed photos during bridal party session, and photojournalistic and candid photos during the ceremony & reception (for example).

2.     Do Some Research

Doing your research never hurts. Once you’ve found a style that you like, you can look for wedding photographers who use that style often. Then, do more research! Are there reviews available on their website? Do they have a gallery of photos from recent weddings that they attended? You can even look at online directories and social media pages to get a good idea of if their previous bridal couples enjoyed working with them, and if they were satisfied with their service.

3.     Look At Some Full Wedding Albums

Although you might have a look at the gallery on your photographer’s website, you should realise that they will only publish their best work. If you love what you see on their site, it’s a good start. However, you should also have a look at what they’ve provided as a finished product, which they haven’t shared online. Ask to see some full wedding albums or galleries, which will have every photograph that they have been paid for. Try to look at albums from real weddings, and even better if they have some that are similar to what you envision for yours. For example, if you’re having an relaxed outdoor beach wedding, ask if they have examples of similar weddings. You want to see how they use light, colour and surroundings. This way, you’ll get a good idea of what you can expect from them, which makes it easier to choose whom you’ll go with.

4.     Look For The Right Moments

While you’re looking at full wedding albums from previous shoots, you should also look at what’s been captured on the day. There are specific, critical moments that you’ll want to remember forever. Whether it’s when the bride walks down the aisle, dances with her father, or when the happy couple locks eyes for the first time in the chapel, you will want to make sure that they’re aware of these special moments that should always be captured. Another tip is to look at how each image has been framed. Are the images crisp and clear, or is there too much clutter in the background? Your photographer of choice must be aware of lighting, making their subjects feel relaxed, and have the ability to detect sensitive emotions so that they can capture the truly beautiful moments.

5.     Ask About Their Contract

All professional Gold Coast Wedding photographers will provide a contract for each client, with all information about their agreement with the bridal couple. The contract will include everything from the dates, to their drone wedding photography package of choice and inclusions. Because they are taking photographs of other people, there is the question of who owns the photos, regardless of who the subject is, or who captured them. The last thing you need is to be confused about how your photographer can use your photos. Therefore, make sure that when you receive the contract, you read it carefully to make sure that you agree with everything that has been stipulated. A contract protects the vendor, but it protects you as well, in terms of late cancellations or a vendor skimping on their end of the agreement. Hiring a good wedding photographer won’t be cheap, but you are investing in your wedding, and in the memories that you’ll keep forever. Therefore, make sure that you get a contract, and that there’s no room for disappointment.

Choose a photographer who’s work make you feel something

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