2022’s Trends That Will Shape The Industry For Every Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

When the lights dim and the wedding celebration ends, it is nice to know that the day’s events wíll not only live on in memory but in professionally taken photographs which serve as tangible recollections to treasure for a lifetime. 

The artistry behind capturing wedding photographs is a delicate craft. Wedding portraits have come a long way from the static, formal studio imagery found in past decades. This year, couples are increasingly keen on authentic wedding photography — Imagery that is on-trend and captures a story in thoughtful composition. 

Discover the trends that New Black Studios, Gold Coast’s best wedding photographer, will be keeping an eye on in 2022. 


There is an increasing trend towards wedding photography telling a complete story, and the story begins long before the wedding day. It is becoming more popular for couples to collaborate with wedding photographers in a series of shoots, such as the proposal, the engagement party and, of course, the wedding day, all complete with different gowns, settings, moods and memories. Why not collect them all through the expert hands of a professional photographer. 

This trend is growing in popularity because it really builds a great working relationship between the photographers and the couple, bridal party and wedding guests. On the actual day of the wedding, photographs can then be taken with everybody’s input, and comfort and peace of mind will already be top priority. 


Since the gradual lifting of global lockdown and border closures, spending time with family and friends has become more important than ever. The wedding season in 2022 will feel more like an opportunity for family reunions and new family traditions. As a result, guest interactions, behind the scenes and reception imagery have become more important.  

Candid photography is ideal for capturing these special moments, whether they be the reactions to the first look reveal, guest and family interactions at the reception party, or intentionally staged family photos that feature more informal elements, poses and props that really get the laughter going for the creation of vivid, happy memories. 


With the rapid advancement in new technology, no industry is left unaffected. An emerging wedding trend is overhead photography. The shots of your wedding from above can be some of the most breathtaking, especially if your venue is located along the magnificent Gold Coast.  

Many photographers are taking the initiative to get creative by fixing cameras to flying drones as a way of capturing spectacular and one of a kind wedding photos that will leave you mesmerised. 

Photographers looking to stay ahead in the industry will always look to expand their tool kits to feature the latest and greatest in gadgets in order to offer the most comprehensive service scope. 


New Black Studios offers wedding photography services on the Gold and Tweed Coasts and in Brisbane. Our style is creative yet authentic. We are highly experienced and keep on top of the latest trends with each coming year. 

Our professional photographers focus on capturing emotions and personalities with relaxed and natural, beautiful imagery, using all of our resources in order to tell a complete love story. 

When it comes to wedding photography packages, we understand the value of delivering a combination of natural, candid and modern yet timeless wedding photos. Looking for an on-trend Gold Coast Wedding photographer? Look no further!  Get in touch with us today.

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