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New Black Studios offers both wedding photography & videography services on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Our style is creative yet authentic. We are highly experienced and experts at what we do. 

Our professional photographers and videographers in Brisbane, Gold Coast & other areas focus on capturing emotions and personalities with relaxed and natural, beautiful imagery. 

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When it comes to wedding photography packages, we know the importance of balancing the mix of modern yet timeless imagery that we deliver to our couples. So, if you are a couple wanting natural and candid wedding photos but also feel you need some experienced guidance and also don’t want to sacrifice the classic images of family and friends, you have found the right team for you!

Having one studio do both your wedding photography and wedding videography makes your wedding planning so much easier since you only have to deal with one company! Plus, you can rest assured knowing that your photo and video team will work well together on the day, and the resulting photos and video will complement each other.

Our team is not only extremely experienced and professional, highly talented and pretty darn creative…..we are also simply a nice and friendly crew (check out our introduction team video below or view our team profile pages). So, if you choose us to capture your wedding, you can relax and feel confident because you will be in good hands!

Based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and other areas, we service all of South East Queensland and Northern NSW weddings and are also available for interstate and international wedding destinations.

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Your wedding day should be extraordinary, unforgettable and sentimental and a day that you will savour and cherish for a lifetime.

You have put much thought and emotions into your wedding day and invested a significant amount of your time into planning your special day, and it culminates in the priceless life-changing moment when you exchange your vows with your soulmate.

The last thing you need is that moment and many other special ones not being captured so you can reminisce about them for years to come. Your love is a unique, one-of-a-kind adventure, and it deserves the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast who understands that and delivers a professional service.


New Black Studios offers natural and beautiful wedding photography that is also affordable.

Our wedding photography packages are based in hours coverage required, and all packages include high-resolution image files and s shareable online wedding gallery.

We have a specialised team of professional photographers ready to capture your wedding day creatively, authentically and affordably!

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At New Black Studios, we genuinely adore weddings and we get a burst of photographic creativity when given the opportunity and honour to be an intimate part of the happiest day for the bride and groom. Our heart and soul goes into every wedding shoot to produce the best possible experience and photos for our couples.

As creative storytellers, we are focused on perfectly capturing the wonder and emotion of every intimate moment. We are great at incorporating our modern yet romantic style with the natural curiosity of human truth and the unexpected beauty of the ordinary.

Our unique, unobtrusive style captures awe-inspiring moments which will become cherished images for a lifetime.

We are high-end specialist photographers on the Gold Coast who have perfectly mastered our craft to develop our unique style that is artistic, authentic, diverse, elegant and glamorous, yet timeless.

Our focus is on delivering an outstanding level of wedding photography and wedding videography that will preserve your day so it lasts for an eternity.


Our Wedding Films are designed to complement our photography. We use a documentary style and shoot very naturally, capturing authentic moments.

Our highlight films are creatively crafted, set to licensed music and include professional audio snippets captured during the wedding.

Our wedding video packages cater to all wedding budgets, and all packages include professional audio. 

Below is a sample highlight wedding video for you to preview. To view more video examples, visit our video portfolio page.

Planning your wedding day is a stressful process and certainly not a walk in the park, and at New Black Studios, we aim to take the burden off your shoulders. Choosing us means you are opting for world-class wedding videographers who will look for those enthusiastic and raw feel moments and capture them, so they linger in your hearts for years to come. We have a highly talented and creative team who seamlessly work together to deliver photographs and videos that beautifully complement each other.

In striving to capture the grandeur and splendour of your wedding day, we have heavily invested in state-of-the-art equipment.

We are a professional and sophisticated wedding videography service provider on the Gold Coast who have successfully worked on high profile weddings. We have coordinated with several parties to produce an inspirational product that eloquently tells your beautiful love story. Our team is happy to work with your wedding planner or other parties, so you enjoy your special day in all its opulence without worrying about the small details.


If you are looking for the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast, New Black Studios is the right place to come. We offer the very best of wedding photography and wedding videography this side of Brisbane. Here is why you will love having us on your wedding team:

  • Professionalism
  • High level of expertise
  • Friendly team
  • Best wedding photography packages and wedding video packages
  • All-round, all-inclusive service
  • Delivers beautiful, authentic and timeless images & highlight videos


Many families make the mistake of trying to do their own wedding photography either by asking a friend or relative to snap a few pictures or take a video with their phone. So many things can go wrong with this scenario, like missing out on the nuances of the day, losing pictures, or even worse, being left with blurry, low-resolution pictures that will look awful on social media or your wedding album.Some may fall into the trap of choosing a non-professional photography agency which may come with a host of problems, distracting from the enjoyment of your special day. 

At New Black Studios, we will provide the best wedding photographer or wedding videographer in Brisbane who will take care of all technicalities and capture the memories of the day for you.

As a bride or groom, you should never have to worry about anything besides looking stunning and feeling the love and exuberance of your wedding day.It is a once in a lifetime occasion, and we want you to absorb every special moment with your loved ones while we take care of making those moments last in pictures and on video. We give you lasting quality products that you can look back on years after the wedding and smile. 

Quality is never an issue with us, and you can look forward to Brisbane’s finest in wedding videography and wedding photography providing you with crisp, clear pictures you will delight in showing off.

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